Sarah Gibson’s post on Stereotypical Gender Roles and other barriers for Women in Science

In her blog Sarah Gibson, panelist of Gravity&Gender writes about Stereotypical Gender Roles and other barriers for Women in Science.  In it she writes:


Gender diversity in science and engineering is something that I am very passionate about and something that needs to be addressed on a larger scale. This isn’t even because it is morally right to treat everyone the same, it is because the technology industries are absolutely key to the UK’s economy. By limiting the potential of and driving away everyone who isn’t cis-male engineers and scientists we are fundamentally harming our country.

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‘Sexist’ pink Lego aimed at girls is ‘reinforcing gender divide’ in science

In an article in the Daily Mail in Monday, Mar 11 2013, it stated: ‘Sexist’ pink Lego aimed at girls is ‘reinforcing gender divide’ in science, says Coast’s Professor Alice Roberts. Pink Lego for girls helps reinforce gender attitudes that see boys performing better in science, a BBC television presenter and scientist has claimed. Professor Alice Roberts, the popular presenter on the ‘Coast’ series and ‘Prehistoric Autopsy’, hit out at the sexism that deters women from pursuing the subject…

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Transgender Experience Led Stanford Scientist To Critique Gender Difference

The Science Daily wrote an article in July 14, 2006 about Ben Barres.  It states “Ben Barres has a distinct edge over the many others who have joined the debate about whether men’s brains are innately better suited for science than women’s. He doesn’t just make an abstract argument about the similarities and differences between the genders; he has lived as both…. read more