Following the Alan Turing exhibition at the Science Museum, which fused exhibits of early computer science engineering with the personal narrative of Turing’s sexual orientation and the homophobia he faced,  LGBT History Month in 2013 dedicated its theme to maths, science and engineering.  Gravity&Gender is Gendered Intelligence’s LGBT History Month’s where this year we celebrate gender diversity in the field of physics, science and engineering.  This project has been funded by the Institute of Physics and Southwark LGBT network and supported by Central School of Speech & Drama.

It has often been stated that men’s brains are innately better suited for physics than women’s.  Gravity&Gender aims to explore, debate and challenge the complexity of gender stereotyping and male privileging within these fields of work and study.  As part of the project we carried out several activities:

1. We carried out a workshop with a small group of  young trans people in order to raise awareness and aspirations in the world of science. We did this firstly by gathering experiences of physics, science and engineering in education, then by ‘interviewing’ successful trans people working in the industries of physics, science and engineering and finally by debating ideas of gender equality and diversity in these fields.

2. We carried out a public discussion event with a selected panel of trans and cis gendered people with a background and experience of working and studying in these fields.

3. We disseminated the findings from the above two activities on line through this gravity&gender blog site. We invited all those involved in the project to upload content to the blog that is relevant to its aims.


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